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Double Girder Eot Crane in Turkey

2018-05-31 13:28:30 Author:NUCLEON

Product:Double Girder Eot Crane in Turkey

Application site:Turkey

Manufacturer:Nucleon Crane Co., Ltd.

Working grade:A4

Lifting capacity:50/20ton


Lifting height:4/2

50t double girder crane

The kind of double girder eot crane is mainly applicable to the transfer, assembly, overhaul, and loading and unloading of mechanical processing workshops, metallurgical plant auxiliary workshops, warehouses, stockyards, and power stations. It can also replace ordinary double girder bridge cranes for production workshops in the textile and food industries. 

The work types of Nucleon double girder overhead crane are light and medium, and the working ambient temperature is -20-40°C. It is prohibited to use in flammable, explosive, and corrosive media environments.