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Does Your Double Girder Gantry Crane Do the Standard Test?

2018-09-05 10:48:00 Author:NUCLEON

General gantry cranes are widely used in workshops, warehouses, stock yards, etc. in machinery manufacturing workshops, petroleum, petrochemical, ports, railways, power stations, paper making, building materials, electronics, etc., with compact dimensions, low building clearance height, and light weight , Small wheel pressure and other advantages.

The MG double beam gantry crane is suitable for loading and unloading in open storage, stockyards, railway freight stations, and port terminals. Can also be equipped with a variety of special hooks for a variety of special operations. However, does your double girder gantry crane do the standard test?

1. Visual inspection: visual inspection of all important parts of the specifications and status meets the requirements;

double girder gantry crane

2. No-load test: After turning the mechanism by hand, there is no jamming. After starting the motor of each mechanism, each mechanism should be able to operate normally. Each limit switch can work reliably. The trolley's driving wheel is in full contact with the track. Running trackless tracks and three legs along the entire length of the track;

3. Static load test: The purpose of the static load test is to examine the structural load-carrying capacity of the crane and its components; the static load test of each lifting mechanism shall be carried out separately. Before the main hook is subjected to the static load test, the empty trolley should be parked in the middle position of the span to set the reference point;

4. Dynamic load test: The purpose of the dynamic load test is to verify the function of the goliath crane's various mechanisms and brakes. The dynamic load test of each crane mechanism should be carried out separately, and then the joint action experiment should be carried out. At the same time, the two mechanisms should be actuated, but the main and sub hooks must not be actuated at the same time.