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When Should You Buy Hook Overhead Crane?

2018-09-04 10:57:02 Author:NUCLEON

QD hook bridge cranes are widely used in processing workshops, freight yards, docks, etc. for the transportation of materials. QD type hook bridge cranes are mainly composed of bridges, carts, trolleys and electrical equipment. The working level is A5-A6, and the ambient operating temperature is -20°C to 40°C. This product is for ground handling and driver maneuvering. And do you know when you should to buy hook overhead crane?

QD overhead crane

The QD-type hook bridge crane hoists the lifting equipment over the workshop, warehouse and material yard. Because its ends are located on short concrete pillars or metal brackets, it looks like a bridge. The bridge runs longitudinally along the rails laid on both sides of the elevated bridges, allowing it to be used in the space above the bridges to lift materials without being obstructed by aerial equipment. It is a kind of lifting appliance with a large scale and a large quantity.

Hook bridge cranes generally have a large weight and a high working level. Its lifting capacity can be from 20T-500T. Therefore, you can see that this kind of double girder crane is suitable for the high working grade factory. In addition, as to its heavy duty capacity and workin task, it is necessary for the company to send someone responsible for the operation and maintenance of machinery and equipment, and to do training if necessary. It is advisable to invite our factory to focus on training in the past. We are very willing to serve customers.