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What Reason May Cause the Brakes of Eot Crane Breakdown?

2018-08-17 14:29:14 Author:NUCLEON

The brake is an important safety component of the bridge crane. It has the function of stopping falling of the suspended object and achieving parking. Only the intact brake can ensure the accuracy of crane operation and safe production. The brake will have insufficient braking force during crane lifting operation. , The brake suddenly malfunctions, the brake wheel temperature is too high, the brake gasket smokes, and the brake arm does not open. The causes of these mechanical failures are analyzed as follows:

european design double girder crane

 1. The brake belt or brake wheel of this double girder eot crane wears too much; the brake with a small part of the local fall off; the main spring is too loose; there is grease between the brake belt and the brake wheel; there is a stuck outside the living hinge or Excessively worn parts; Loosening of the locking nut by loosening of the entire tie rod; Rotation of the impeller of the hydraulic pusher to loose the lock is not flexible;

2. The brake pads are severe or large pieces fall off, or the long-stroke electromagnets are stuck, the main spring fails, or the main components of the brake are damaged;

3, the clearance between the brake and the gasket is too large or too small;

4. Where the hinge is jammed or the brake torque is too large, or the oil in the hydraulic pushrod loose cylinder is mixed with air, or the grease used in the hydraulic pushrod loose lock does not meet the requirements, or the brake pad There is dirt between the brake wheel.