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Why Buy Nucleon Double Girder Overhead Cranes?

2018-06-27 14:14:36 Author:NUCLEON

When you want to buy overhead crane, the guider will help to explain what bridge cranes are and which ones are suited best for your use even if you are entirely new to the subject. However consider that buying cranes is not an everyday business but in fact a once in a lifetime investment, you need to be very certain about the type of eot crane you purchase. 

In addition, with the development of the technology, there are more and more industrial cranes' manufacturers and supplier in the world. So are kinds of cranes such as single girder crane, double girder crane, jib crane, etc. However, why there are so many customers to buy Nucleon crane?

nucleon double girder crane

Advantages of Nucleon double girder eot crane:

1. the main beam with high-quality Q235 or Q345 steel.

2. Motor protection class IP54, Class F insulation, equipped with overload protection device. (optional)

3. reducer gear, the use of helical gears, can be automatically lubricated.

4. The operation control of the crane adopts cam control. The driver's cab moves with the vehicle to control the position of the goods more conveniently and clearly.

5. Nucleon double girder crane has a higher level of work: A5 ~ A7, to meet the close operating needs of customers.

6. Nucleon double girder eot cranes adopt variable frequency speed control, the goods more secure and more accurate movement and landing.

The double girder crane is able to provide a higher lift because its hoist is situated between the cross girder. A single girder crane has its hoist placed under the cross girder and thus cannot provide much height.