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Can Sevice Life of Your Overhead Crane Reach 25 Years?

2018-06-27 14:46:41 Author:NUCLEON

Single girder cranes are more affordable as compared to a double girder crane. This is because a single girder crane has just one cross girder and the design of the trolley is simple as compared to the other. Also the freight for a single girder crane is lesser thus the low price. Whatever we buy, we all want to prolong the lifetime of our overhead crane. And can your single girder crane's service life reach 25 years? 

If the service life of your eot crane can not reach 25 years, nucleon crane engineer recommends you to buy the inverter overhead crane. However, the only disadvantage of inverter overhead cranes is the relatively high price. There is a saying that we all have heard: cheap things are only "cheap" one advantage, expensive things only "expensive" this one shortcoming. As a new-type crane, inverter cranes are advanced in many aspects than ordinary cranes. Let's take a look at the four major advantages of inverter overhead cranes:

inverter overhead crane

1. maintenance-free: because of good quality, fewer failures, more than three or five years do not need maintenance.

2. Long service life: The inverter used by the frequency conversion crane can protect the electric hoist and the electrical system, and can effectively extend the service life for 25 years.

3. Smooth operation and low noise: It solves the problem of large noise and unstable operation of traditional eot cranes.

4. Safety: The safety protection device of the frequency conversion crane is complete, eliminating potential safety hazards.

If you have a relatively high demand for eot cranes, then choose a variable-frequency crane. The overhead cranes usually take a long time. A good quality eot crane can save you a lot of trouble during use. The extra price is definitely worth it. Nucleon crane produces kinds of high quality overhead cranes with the most competitive prices. Welcome to visit our factory.