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Which Main Part Consist of Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane?

2018-06-13 14:42:10 Author:NUCLEON

Rubber tired gantry crane is a kind of full-rotary crane with a crane frame mounted on a special chassis composed of heavy-duty tires and axles. Its upper structure is basically the same as a crawler crane. And do you know the component of rubber tyred gantry crane?

Structure composition of rubber tyred gantry crane:

(1) Lifting arm

The booms are trussed and box telescopic. The latter uses a multi-section box-shaped box structure. It meets the different requirements for the boom stacking volume when the crane is in operation and the boom extension amplitude when lifting, which has become the preferred boom form of the modern rubber tyred gantry crane. Telescopic boom structure Ffl basic arm, telescopic arm and additional arm, with the use of herringbone hinged on the slewing platform, through the amplitude of hydraulic cylinder piston movement to adjust the amplitude of the arm. In the lifting operation, the plane of the boom and the plane of the vertical boom are subjected to the combined action of pressure and bending. The boom must meet the requirements for strength, stiffness and stability and is the main load-bearing component of the rtg crane.

rtg crane

(2) Slewing platform

The slewing platform is the supporting connection platform for each component of the onboard vehicle, providing the hinged joints of the boom and the constraints of the movements of the onboard vehicles, withstanding the lifting load and the self-weight of the oncoming part, and transmitting it to the off-loading part through the rotating support device. The counterweight is set in the opposite direction of the boom overhang, which stabilizes the balance.

(3) Frame

The frame is the basic structure of the entire crane, and it is also the same frame for the connection of the whole drive and running mechanism. The stiffness and strength of the frame will directly affect the performance of the crane.

(4) Outriggers

Legs are mounted on the frame, and the legs are retracted when the crane is in operation. During lifting, the legs are extended and supported on a solid foundation. The pneumatic tire is overhead and constitutes a rigid support, providing a large support area for lifting operations. Improve stability.