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You Know Extreme Location Limiter of Overhead Travelling Crane?

2018-06-08 15:37:15 Author:NUCLEON

Bridge cranes are mainly used in metalworking workshops, assembly workshops, metal structure workshops, maintenance workshops, various types of warehouses and other occasions. They can also be used in metallurgy and foundry workshops as auxiliary lifting equipment. Technical improvements to the 5-ton universal crane due to changes in weather conditions can also be used in a similar open-air environment. 

So in order to ensure the normal working of overhead travelling cranes, we need to install the extreme location limiter. How much do you know about the extreme location limiter? The extreme location limiter also known as stroke limiter, its safety function is to ensure that the working mechanism is in motion, when close to the limit position, automatically cut off the forward power source and stop the movement, to prevent the stroke offside.

overhead travelling cranes

Limit position limiter consists of two parts of interaction, one is the contact (impact block or safety ruler), installed in the moving part of the working mechanism; one is the travel limit switch, which is to control the movement direction or distance of the working mechanism. The main control device is fixed on the track of the extreme position or on the metal structure of the crane and is strung in the control circuit of the working mechanism. 

When the movement in a certain direction is close to the limit position, the contact head touches the travel limit switch, cuts off the control circuit in the movement direction, stops the operation in the direction, and simultaneously turns on the reverse direction movement circuit, so that the running mechanism can only run in a safe direction.