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Different Forms of Rail Mounted Container Gantry Crane

2018-06-08 14:49:14 Author:NUCLEON

According to the yard operation process, the outrigger of rmg crane can be extended to a single or double cantilever type in the direction of a single leg or in the direction of the double-leg, and it does not extend into a cantilever-free model. According to the site, container storage and transportation process and loading and unloading of vehicles (container trucks or railway vehicles), the use of different structures of non-cantilever, single cantilever and double cantilever is determined.

Rail-mounted container gantry cranes are divided into different forms according to the construction of the main beam and the door legs and the anti-rolling device used.

rmg crane

(1) Double cantilever rail mounted container gantry cranes are required to pass the space inside the door legs on both sides of the container. Therefore, the width in the door leg is clear. According to different forms of the main beam of the portal leg, the double-cantilever rail container gantry crane generally adopts the “U” shape of the upper part of the door leg and the upper part of the door leg to form a “Π” shape. The structure of the non-cantilever-rail type container gantry crane is relatively simple because the container does not have to pass through the space inside the door legs.

(2) Relative to the quayside container cranes, the track-type container gantry cranes have a low running speed of the trolleys, and generally do not have a roll stabilizing device. If the user makes a request to reduce the operation intensity and increase the productivity, a rocking reduction device is provided. Rope hoisting mechanism. The deceleration is generally achieved by applying damping to the rope; for rigid lifting mechanisms, the anti-rolling is achieved by rigid members.