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Does Your 10 Ton Double Girder Crane Have Safety Wire?

2018-06-07 11:29:11 Author:NUCLEON

The safe trolley line is a new type of mobile power supply device. It gradually replaces the old exposed angle iron and copper row trolley wire with its superior performances such as insulation, safety, temperature resistance, vibration resistance and energy saving. The safety trolley line consists of a smooth and flat T2 copper row or an aluminum section embedded with a wear-resistant conductor filled in an engineering plastic pipe or grooved plate as a carrier fluid, which is combined into a transmission conduit, and an open slot is provided below the conduit to facilitate the collector. The electric power is guided to the working electrical appliance by running and the high wear-resistant copper-based graphite brush of the collector.

10ton double girder crane

Bridge cranes are prone to power failure during use, and sometimes generate sparks in the power transmission conduits. When the bridge cranes are severe, they have the sound of firecracker explosions, causing the collectors to be replaced too frequently and affecting production. To this end, the following improvements have been made:

(1) Increase the collector brush chamfer and smooth it;

(2) Increase the strength and elasticity of the spring between the two relative collectors of the collector to ensure that the spring can recover freely;

(3) deepened. Reinforce the spring seat in the collector to ensure that the restoration spring of the brush is not easy to "chain" in operation;

(4) The connecting piece of the two sections of the safety trolley line must be chamfered to ensure a smooth transition of the collector. At the same time, in order to ensure the normal use of the safety trolley line, regular operation of the driver, regular maintenance of maintenance workers, and regular inspection are also indispensable.