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Whether Has Your Overhead Hoist Crane Been Deformed?

2018-06-06 15:54:10 Author:NUCLEON

The overhead hoist crane is a large-scale lifting equipment, so it is widely used in people's lives. However, before we use it, we must inspect it to see if there are any damages. If it is, we must repair it in time. So today Nucleon crane engineer comes to tell you about the dangers of deformed overhead hoist cranes!

3ton single girder crane

Before using the overhead bridge crane, be sure to check whether the lever at the junction is damaged. If any fault is found, it must be dealt with in time to avoid safety accidents. It is also necessary to regularly inspect and lubricate the shaft and pin of the rotating part. In addition, check all the connectors, fasteners, and hanging wire ropes of the spreader. If any damage is found, it must be dealt with promptly. There are also new spreaders and fixtures that must be used in accordance with the instructions, and they must be inspected before they can be used.

 Usually the deformation of eot crane components is divided into two aspects: one is elastic deformation, the other is plastic deformation. Plastic deformation will change the shape, position and size of the component. During operation, the deformation of components cannot be ignored because it plays a very important role. If one component is deformed, accidents may occur. The deformation of the crane not only affects the normal operation of the organization, but also can cause serious accidents if serious. So we must not overload, this is the most influential, we must remember.