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Why Does Industrial Crane Need to Install Buffer?

2018-05-11 15:56:04 Author:NUCLEON

The crane buffer, which comprises a floor, is characterized in that a cover is fixedly mounted on the floor, the top of the cover is open, a metal contact is mounted on the opening, and a polyurethane buffer block is arranged inside the cover. However, do you know why the industrial crane need to install the buffer?

crane buffer

The working principle of the buffer is that if a single girder crane's cart (or trolley) accidentally rushes to the end of the rail stroke, the buffer can interact with the rail end stop (another safety device) at the same level; If two cranes in the same span track collide, the buffers located opposite the metal structures of the two cranes act. The buffer, by its own deformation, quickly converts the collision kinetic energy into elastic potential energy, thereby reducing the impact of the collision force and avoiding damage to the crane.

double girder crane

Because the buffer of the utility model has the presence of a jacket, the whole purpose of protecting the polyurethane buffer block can be achieved, and the high temperature performance of the buffer block can be increased by 2-3 times without affecting the working performance and the service life of the buffer block. The working life of the buffer block under high temperature conditions is improved, and the corrosion resistance of the buffer block is also improved.

Therefore, the buffer can prevent excessive impact when the crane collides with the end stop. Excessive impact on gantry cranes may result in overturning accidents. For bridge cranes, there is also an excessive amount of sloshing of the load and further dangerous situations occur.