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550 Ton Casting Overhead Crane

2018-06-25 16:42:05 Author:NUCLEON

Product:550 Ton Casting Overhead Crane

Application site:United Arab Emirates

Manufacturer:Nucleon Crane Co., Ltd.

Working grade:A7

Lifting capacity:550/100ton


Lifting height:9.5/11.5

550 ton casting overhead crane

Casting overhead cranes can be divided into two categories according to the process flow:

 Lift the iron water tank from the pit (or ground) in front of the hot metal or iron mixer and pour the hot metal into the converter's counter-molten iron casting crane; transport the converter steel water to the casting pit or into the caster Casting crane or casting crane.

550 ton casting crane technical parameters:

The development trend of the foundry crane With the development of the metallurgical industry, casting cranes are tending to high-speed, large-scale, and intelligent development. The hoisting speed of the main hoisting mechanism of the 450 t and 500 t casting cranes has reached l2 m/min, the auxiliary hoisting speed is 15 m/rain, the running speeds of the main and auxiliary trolleys are all above 40 m/min, and the speed of the carts is 80 m. /min or more.