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30 Ton Nucleon Overhead Crane

2018-06-07 15:18:50 Author:NUCLEON

Product: 30 Ton Nucleon Overhead Crane

Application site:Uzbekistan

Manufacturer:Nucleon Crane Co., Ltd.

Working grade:A6

Lifting capacity:30 ton

Span: 22.5m

Lifting height:8.5/6m

30ton overhead crane

Nucleon hook bridge cranes are widely applied to the loading and unloading of ordinary heavy objects, and can also be equipped with a variety of special spreaders for special operations. QD type double beam cranes are divided into A5 and A6 grades.

Class A5 is suitable for general mechanical processing and assembly workshops, metal structure workshops, machinery maintenance workshops, etc., where work is not so frequent. Class A6 is suitable for the lifting and continuous production of metallurgy and casting workshops where work is more frequent. The QD double beam crane bridge crane has three forms of ground control, control room control, and remote control for users to choose from. The control room has two types of open and closed structures.