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Magnetic Overhead Crane for Metals

2018-04-12 16:59:04 Author:NUCLEON

Product:Magnetic Overhead Crane for Metals

Application site:Thailand

Manufacturer:Nucleon Crane Co., Ltd.

Working grade:A6

Lifting capacity:60/20ton

Span:28 m

Lifting height:11/12 m

The connection between the two ends of the girder and the end beam of this type of double girder crane adopts a rigid connection, the end beam adopts a sectional type, and the middle part is connected with a detachable part connected with an intermediate connection piece. In this way, the entire bridge can be dismantled for transportation and installation. The connection between the landing railing and the walking platform is connected by on-site welding. The rails delivered to the site are welded directly to the walking platform according to the drawing layout.