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Which Industry Can Electric Chian Hoist be Used in?

2018-09-06 10:52:33 Author:NUCLEON

The lifting capacity of Electric Chain Hoist is from 125 kg to 2000 kg, and it has two kinds of lifting speeds: single-speed and double-speed. PK electric chain hoists are mainly made of high-strength light metal alloys, with compact structure, small size and light weight. Therefore, the chain hoist is more and more popular used in kinds of industries. And do you know which industry can the electric chain hoist be used in?

electric chain hoist

Electric chain hoist is widely used in machinery manufacturing, electronics, automotive, shipbuilding, assembly of parts and high-tech industrial zones and other modern industrial production lines, assembly lines, assembly machines, logistics and transportation and other occasions. 500kg electric chain hoist The flashlight door has direct control and indirect control in two forms. The indirect control is a safe voltage of 36 volts, flashlight door protection class IP65, cone rotor motor protection class IP54. The electric chain hoist adopts various types of walking mechanisms to complete the lifting of materials in the direct and plane range. The walking track can be ordinary I-beam or KPK standard rail.

This Electric Hoist designs conical rotor motor, according to the principle of self-braking has various forms of ordinary speed, rapid speed and lifting speed. In the straight gear reducer, the friction gear coupling is installed on the second stage transmission gear, which makes the electric chain hoist free from extreme overload, and the steel chain with high strength and wear resistance enhances stability and safety. Therefore, it is very safe and reliable.