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Nucleon 300T+300T 50M Span Gantry Crane Project

2018-08-24 14:58:41 Author:NUCLEON

The ME300+300t-50m double-trolley gantry crane is a bridge beam handling crane made for China Sichuan Project. It is designed with wide span and high lifting height. The gantry can be assembled into 2 sets 300t gantry cranes if needed.


1. The whole machine adopts frequency conversion and PLC control technology, which has stable lifting operation, small impact and low noise;

2. The trolley adopts European-style with compact structure, overall processing of small frame, and high assembly precision;

3. The gantry structure finite element analysis makes the structure more optimized and more reasonable, and flexible to make 1 crane to 2 cranes (transform one ME300+300t-50m, lifting height 52.5m gantry crane into two MG300t-23.5m, lifting height 28m gantry cranes);

4. The running mechanism of the crane adopts 64-wheel structure, single-sided double-row rail, and adopts multi-stage balance beam and Haval hinge structure to ensure the balance of the walking wheel. Overall processing of the wheel group and the balance beam with high assembly precision;

5. The components are durable and maintenance-free, equipped with hardened surface reducer, welding reel, rolling pulley and forged wheel;

6. Fast on-site installation without welding works;

7. Adopt CTS electrical modular system, convenient maintenance;

8. The whole machine is equipped with safety monitoring system and crane electric correcting device, and reserves interfaces of electrical intelligent anti-sway, intelligent jog, automatic positioning, remote monitoring and other interfaces.