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Rust Removal Methods for Gantry Cranes

2018-08-17 13:35:31 Author:NUCLEON

Gantry cranes are well suited to lifting massive objects such as ships' engines, as the entire structure can resist the torque created by the load, and counterweights are generally not required. In the daily use process, rusting of steel gantry cranes is a common phenomenon, especially for outdoor gantry cranes. When it comes to maintenance, it is necessary to do rust removal work.

outdoor gantry crane

The high-speed operation of the mechanical equipment throws the positive-grained steel pellets by the centrifugal force thrown by the head, and the thrown steel pellets collide violently with the components to achieve a way to get rid of the target of steel corrosion. The types of steel shots it uses are: cast iron pellets and steel wire pellets. The cast iron pellets are formed by the use of melted molten iron under radiation and rapid cooling conditions. The particle size is between 2 and 3 mm iron pellets, and the appearance is very round. 

It is relatively inexpensive but somewhat less durable. In the shot blasting process, the repeated impact iron pellets are crushed and eliminated as dust. The steel wire cutting pill is made by cutting a small piece of 2mm into the steel wire of the waste steel wire rope. The appearance of the wire cutting wire is sharp and the rust removal effect is relatively high and it is not easily broken. The service life is extended, but the price is improved. The latter's shot blasting looks a bit rougher. The use of high pressure air to bring out steel shots radiates to the exterior of the member to achieve a rust removal method.