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Do You Know the Function of Interlock Protection for Eot Crane?

2018-06-13 13:59:56 Author:NUCLEON

Interlock protection of eot crane is also known as the interlock switch or the door switch, the safety function is to associate the state of the interlock switch with the movement of a working mechanism of the crane. In the open state of the switch, the corresponding work mechanism that is restricted by it cannot be started, only When the switch is closed, the interlocked working mechanism can only be moved; when the mechanism is moving, if the corresponding door switch is opened, a stop command is given. 

35ton overhead crane

Interlock protection prevents a certain mechanism of single girder eot crane from operating to injure people under certain conditions. The parts and constraints that need interlock protection are as follows:

(1) From the building to the door of the crane driver's cab and between the vehicle running agency;

(2) Boarding between the hatchway door or access door of the bridge main girder and the trolley running mechanism from the driver's cab;

(3) When the driver's cab is located in the moving part, it enters between the door of the driver's room and the trolley running mechanism;

In this way, it is possible to prevent the operation of the crane due to the fact that the driver is not aware of the moment when someone is entering or stepping out of the crane from the building, or when someone is doing equipment maintenance on the main beam of the bridge crane.