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How Many Types of Extreme Location Limiter for Eot Crane?

2018-06-11 10:34:04 Author:NUCLEON

The safety function of single girder eot crane is to ensure that when the working mechanism is in motion, when approaching the limit position, it automatically cuts off the forward power source and stops the movement to prevent the stroke from being offside. And do you know how many types of extreme location limiter for eot cranes?

(1) Rising extreme location limiter: The hoisting mechanism and luffing mechanism of 3 ton eot cranes should be equipped with at least one limit limit position limiter. Lifting mechanisms for hoisting liquid metal and other dangerous goods cranes must be equipped with two sets. The two sets of limiter switches shall have a series of switch actions, and different types of structures and different control circuit breakers shall be used as far as possible.

3ton eot crane

(2) Downing extreme location limiter: The safety function shall ensure that the descending power source is automatically cut off when the spreader descends to the lower limit position, so as to ensure that the winding of the steel wire rope on the reel is not less than the number of safe turns specified by the design. Tower-type or portal crane luffing mechanism, port portal crane lifting mechanism and other agencies with lower limit requirements should be set down limit switch. It is not mandatory for hoisting mechanisms of other cranes to install the lower limit limiter.

(3) Operation extreme location limiter: The trolley crane (or trolley) operating mechanism must be provided with a stroke limit switch near the end of the track. It is generally used with a limit switch and a safety scale that triggers the switch.