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Why Choose Nucelon Cranes at First?

2018-06-04 16:53:57 Author:NUCLEON

The distribution of domestic crane manufacturers is mainly concentrated in Anhui and Henan. The Nucleon crane manufacturer in Henan is a relatively well-known crane manufacturer in the region and mainly deals in European-style cranes and variable-frequency cranes. What are the technical advantages of Nucleon Crane?

nucleon crane

1. Nucleon Crane and international first-class companies have been the strategic partners of Demag, introducing advanced German technologies, and combining domestic cranes' use environment to change;

2. Nucleon, Henan Institute of Special Equipment Testing and Taiyuan University of Science and Technology jointly established the only crane "production, research and development" manufacturing and research and development center in Henan Province, and has strong technical support and research and development capabilities in the R & D and production of industrial cranes;

3. The crane products manufactured by Nucleon are all designed using national standards and have passed DEMAG technical standards;

4. The use of DEMAG special paint for Nucleon cranes is not only of good quality but also of international standard.

It is not difficult to see that the above four points, Nucleon in the R & D and production of the crane is enough effort, designed to enable customers in the domestic market to use high-quality crane equipment, do not have to worry about the maintenance of the crane and other issues.