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How Much Do You Know About Explosion-proof Bridge Crane?

2018-06-01 13:33:19 Author:NUCLEON

Simple beam bridge crane also known as a beam crane, its structural composition is similar to that of a conventional bridge crane. The weight, span and working speed are all small. The bridge main beam is a simple cross-section beam composed of I-beam or other profiled steel and sheet steel. The chain trolley or electric hoist is equipped with a simple trolley as a lifting trolley, and the trolley generally runs on the lower flange of the I-beam. The bridge can be run along an elevated track, or it can be run along a track suspended from underneath the elevated track. This type of crane is called a suspended beam crane. However, how much do you know about explosion proof overhead crane?

explosion proof bridge crane

Explosion-proof bridge crane is mainly used for lifting in explosive gas environments. Its basic structure is similar to that of ordinary bridge cranes, but explosion protection measures are taken at mechanical parts such as motors and electrical parts and metal contact surfaces to ensure the safety of explosion-proof environments. . Explosion-proof overhead cranes can be divided into two types according to the explosion protection category:

1. Explosion-proof bridge crane for coal mines:

It is mainly applied to the upper part of the underground coal mine and the part of the non-excavation surface below the mine. The crane should have a mining coal safety certificate (MA certification);

2. Explosion-proof bridge cranes for factories:

Mainly used in dangerous and important places with flammable gas or flammable mixture, the crane should have the explosion-proof certificate issued by the National Testing Center;