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Types of Nucleon Underhung Crane

2018-05-19 14:24:58 Author:NUCLEON

The underhung crane picking device is screwed on the end of the arm or hung on a lifting trolley that can run along the spiral arm. The arm that can rotate, but cannot be tilted, so it is called a underhung crane. 

The rated lifting capacity of this kind of crane is 0.25~10t. It is unique in structure, safe and reliable, and has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, time saving, labor saving, and flexibility. And it can operate freely in three-dimensional space, especially in the short-distance, dense lifting occasions can show unique advantages over other conventional lifting equipment. Widely used in workshops, warehouses, docks and other fixed places.

underhung crane

The underhung crane has a light work load. The crane consists of an upright column, a swinging arm swinging drive device and an electric hoist. The lower end of the upright column is fixed on the concrete foundation by the anchor bolts, and the cycloidal pin decelerating device drives the spiral arm to rotate, and the electric hoist rotates. Right-and-left straight line operation on the arm I-beam and heavy lifting. The spiral arm of the crane is a hollow steel structure with light weight, large span, large lifting weight, and economical durability. The built-in rotary arm crane MODE type walk mechanism adopts a special engineering plastic walking wheel with rolling bearing, which has small friction and light walking. The small size of the structure makes it particularly useful for improving the stroke of the hook.

There are many kinds of underhung crane. And underhung cranes mainly produced by our company include BZD fixed column underhung cranes, BX wall underhung cranes and BB wall underhung cranes. Welcome to visit Nucleon Crane (Xinxiang) Co., Ltd.