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Why does Reducer of Gantry Crane Leak Oil?

2018-05-10 16:49:51 Author:NUCLEON

During the work, there should be a certain space size between the external dimensions of the gantry crane and the cargo of the yard and the passage of the transport vehicle to facilitate loading and unloading operations. When a typical transport vehicle is loaded or unloaded within a span, it should be kept at a distance of more than 0.7m from the door legs. When the spreader is not working, it should have a spacing of more than 0.5m from the transport vehicle, and when the goods pass the door legs, there should be a spacing of more than 0.5m. Howerver, do you know common causes of oil leakage in the reducer of your gantry crane?

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There are three common causes of oil leakage in the reducer of gantry crane:

1. Because of the unreasonable design of the manufacturer: In the design process, there are no special vents or design flaws such as the vent hole being too small will cause the internal and external pressure of the reducer to be uneven and cause leakage failure, and eventually lead to leakage of the reducer oil. malfunction. It may also be caused by the leakage of the reducer's connection surface during the long-term use.

2. The limited level of processing technology results in a lack of precision in the contact surface of the box, resulting in poor sealing performance and oil leakage.

3. Because the operator or maintenance personnel improperly maintains during daily use, causing multiple internal blockages and the internal pressure is higher than the external pressure, at the same time too much oil, fasteners are not tightened, etc. can cause two boxes between The lax face of the joint causes oil leakage.

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In order to effectively prevent the occurrence of oil leakage in the reducer, the manufacturer of gantry crane should improve the process level and optimize the design scheme: an aeration device can be added to the filler hole cover to ensure balanced internal and external pressures. At the same time, during the design process, the precision of the process between the joint surfaces of the two boxes should be improved so as to prevent oil leakage failures due to loose contact surfaces. At the same time, maintenance work must be done during routine use. Regular inspections of vents, fuel, cabinets, and fasteners should be performed in a routine manner.