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What Can 5 Ton Overhead Crane do For You?

2018-05-09 16:04:18 Author:NUCLEON

The 5 ton overhead crane is both light and small. It works well for basic lifting work and pairs with an electric hoist to move the loads along and lift them up and down. And today we will talk about the application fileds of 5 ton crane.

5ton overhead crane

5 ton bridge cranes are widely used in machinery manufacture, garage, assembly, warehouse and other places. It is used in the temperature of -25℃-40℃,relative humidity is ≤85%, In order to convenient the users, Nucleon Group supplies 5 ton lifting crane that has two operational methods, ground control or cabin control which has open model, close model and can be installed on the left or right side according to the practical needs.  When working in flammable, explosive and corrosive conditions, special purpose 5ton overhead crane is needed, such as explosion-proof crane and insulated crane.

overhead crane drawing

The 5 ton overhead crane is equipped with plenty of safety features that make it a safer crane to operate. Each crane has overheating protection of the motor that can prevent costly damage and ensure the motor is safe. The crane also has lifting travel protection which protects the hoist as it is traveling along. Earth protection protects the surroundings and emergency stop protect automatically stop the crane in case of overloading or instability with the load. The crane also has rubber buffers that protect your load from damage.